Quills Quotes & Notes: Performances for Children by Rosemary Phillips

Performances for Children by Rosemary Phillips

Follow this link for information about school presentations of “One Seed"
And - see the video below for an Earth Day School Assembly and children performing unrehearsed the new story and song "The Day the Wind Changed". Also below is the video for the launch of "The Whales' Secret" on board the Leviathan II in Tofino, BC for their first on-board storytime at the annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival

Rosemary Phillips - singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with children
Teddy Bear's Picnic 2011
Children just love to join in with
"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

Performing for children wasn't something I ever expected to be doing. It wasn't planned, it just happened. It all started with a children's festival in Campbell River, then Storytime in front of a library, singing a few songs and reading library books, and a few gigs with Nanaimo's Parks and Recreation

This all eventually evolved into full presentations in schools for my little book and song "One Seed". And before I knew it I was doing a children's storytime for Music in the Park. There were children who came regularly with their families to hear stories and sing some songs.

One little boy arrived every week wearing a bow tie. His favourite song was "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and he loved to come and join me to sing it, as did many other children. Before I knew it there were children running all around the park to "Fly Away Free". Then one evening it poured with rain and Music in the Park was cancelled. Still the little boy with his bow tie came along with his mummy and stood in the pouring rain as he asked me, "Are we having storytime?"

Over the past fifteen years I have been through much of British Columbia with "One Seed", performed in schools and for literary fairs, and even visited some schools in Ontario. I have files full of cards and drawings from children, teachers and families. They touch my heart.

While I don't do much performing (remember, I'm a writer), I am still open to singing for the occasional event, like for Earth Day at Okanagan Falls Elementary (see video above and below) and like the Teddy Bear's Picnic in Trail, where I sang songs for all the participants who either joined in or danced away on the grass. And there was a book-reading and sing-along in Rossland. And the launch of "The Whales' Secret" for the annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival and their first Storytime at Sea in Tofino and Ucluelet (see video below). And the Christina Lake Homecoming...


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