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"The Day the Wind Changed" - Story, Song and Play by Rosemary Phillips

Welcome to the new "The Day the Wind Changed" web pages.

A story and song for children
and grown-ups about

"...Do something diff'rent,
do something new
to help get a diff'rent point of view..."

This is a story (and song) about hope, about facing challenges, and about working together to solve a problem...

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Earth Day 2017 at Okanagan Falls Elementary - video
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COMING SOON - Second Edition with Video and Song

"Your story is important to me because... It is a deep meaning." - Jaimie, Grade 2

Rosemary with The Day the Wind Changed

"Once upon a time... on a hill far away, lived some people who forgot how to play. They forgot how to laugh, they forgot how to sing, and they did the same things every day..."

Originally titled "A Community Fairy Tale," this story first made its appearance in "1992 The Beginning," as the introduction to a report to Campbell River City Council and community on their Healthy Communities project.

Campbell River Unlimited was a six-month grass-roots process aimed at finding community needs and developing community-based action. The result was pages of data, ideas and information, videos, television shows, community art, a community concert and a huge community conference. The final report was filled with public responses and outlines for six community-driven action plans for Well-Being, Environment, Economy, Youth, Community and Social needs - BUT it needed something light to begin. And so, while I sat at the computer in the City Planning Department, this story just happened and poured out through my fingers on the keyboard and onto the monitor in front of me.

When approaching children's publishers in Canada a number of years ago, I was told quite matter-of-factly they don't publish books and stories that rhyme. As a singer-songwriter, and sometimes performer, I work and play in rhyme, and know children and grown-ups do too. And rhyme is especially useful for memorizing.

So, I have decided to continue with the rhyme version, and publish it myself - after all, I have now become a publisher of Little Books as you can see from the sidebar here on this web site. The size is kid's size. You see, while I was a rural librarian in Ontario I found the children were really drawn to small books, especially the Mr. Men and Miss books... those books were forever checked out and in circulation. Even Robert Munsch has little books.

The story is now titled, quite appropriately, "The Day the Wind Changed." This little book is the result of 25 years of revisions, feedback from children, teachers and grown-ups, and considerable thought on how to illustrate it. It is a story for all ages, all walks of life, all cultures. This little book has also incorporated suggestions from children to "add more weather", and add "the moon and stars," while others liked it just the way it was originally written. As one youngster said, "It is a deep meaning." And another asked, "Why write about change?"

The timing is right for this story, for indeed, the wind has changed on Planet Earth.

Watch for the YouTube video coming soon... for the read-along story and sing-along song.

The Day the Wind Changed book launch at Grand Forks Public Library
Book Launch at the Grand Forks Public Library
on March 24, 2017.
Rosemary is reading the story before "bringing it to life" with the scripts, big book, participation and sound effects - and of course, the new song.

"I love your story. You rock." Shay, Grade 2


After the huge success of the One Seed play, which has now been performed in schools around the world, I have been able to create a script for "The Day the Wind Changed" to turn it into a play with characters and sound effects. (See below for a video of students performing it at OK Falls Elementary).

FREE Download as PDF
of the Play Script
for The Day the Wind Changed

FREE Download as PDF
of the Character Scripts
for The Day the Wind Changed

EARTH DAY 2017 VIDEO - with The Day the Wind Changed - at OK Falls Elementary

For Earth Day the students at Okanagan Falls Elementary School in British Columbia took on the challenge of performing The Day the Wind Changed, to bring the story to life. They did it completely unrehearsed, while reading from the scripts. The students are amazing. Thank you all!

"This story is important to me because... I understand the meaning in the story. I like the way you make the story interesting." Jordan, Grade 2

The Town from The Day the Wind Changed

THE NEW SONG - The Day the Wind Changed - FREE MP3 and LYRICS

I was joined by singer Leeza LeClare and engineer Zak Eburne at Odyssey Sound Services in Grand Forks, BC and had fun making the recording of the new song, The Day the Wind Changed. It is now available here as a free MP3 download, with the free PDF lyrics.

FREE MP3 Song Download
of the new song

The Day the Wind Changed.

FREE PDF Lyrics Download
of the new song

The Day the Wind Changed.

CHILDREN'S REVIEWS of The Day the Wind Changed

During a special presentation a few years ago of just reading the story to a class at Okanagan Falls Elementary School in British Columbia, Canada, Miss McCall had her Grade 2 students write a review of the story and suggestions for its publication as a book. As mentioned above, one such suggestion was to add more weather, and another to add the moon and the stars.
Thank you OK Falls Elementary. Some of your reviews follow here, edited for spelling, and drawings are included in the Children's Art Gallery.

Should you have a review of the story that you would like to have posted on this web site please send it along to the e-mail address on the Contact page.

This story is important to me because:

It has detail and it has a problem. It is a deep message. - Jaimie

I understand the meaning in the story. I like the way you make the story interesting. - Jordan

It taught me a lesson. I like how you made it all boring for the people in the book at the start and then it's fun. - Brady

I like how you connect feelings with weather. I like the snowball wall because it's a good idea to keep bad weather out of a happy world. It was an excellent story! - Craig

It reminded me of nature and how nice it is. I like how you used nature and the wind helping the sun. I liked the way you made the little girl different from the rest. - Nicole

I sometimes do the same thing over and over. You have good characters. I like the colours used in the wording.

It gives me ideas. When the people helped the kids. When the people are happy.

It taught me a good lesson. - Griffin

I liked your characters. I liked your weather. I liked your ending. I wish I can write like you. - Chase

I think it is really creative. - Dryden

It relates to my life. Awesome detail. Good story. Nice ending. Three stars. - Amanda

There is a hill by my house. We made a snowman on top. You have a good imagination.
I like how you added lots of characters.

I see a movie when I read the story. I like how you made it so you can see the mental images. - Sam

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The Day the Wind Changed.

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Story and Song by Rosemary Phillips
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