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A story and song by Rosemary Phillips

One Seed - now offering FREE DOWNLOADS of the PDF book in English, French, Persian and English-Persian, plus the Read-along and Sing-along MP3s, and Videos. See below for links and details.

"One Seed" - 3rd Edition now available as a little book and FREE E-Book. This edition includes the educational component, as seen on the video, of information about seeds, growing, and seeds as ideas.

This is the story (and song) about a seed that decided to grow on the desert when all the other seeds said it was impossible and couldn't be done...

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About the Story
The Book
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The Song
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Recordings - Read-along
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One Seed as a Play w/Scripts
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Children and parents
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A story, song and more about what a seed can become!

About the Story
It is a story about courage, hope, perseverance, being different, and making a difference. It encourages discussion on everything from how to grow a garden, to inventors, to having ideas, to having the courage to do something you didn't think you could do, to the fact that just about everything in this world comes from a seed. And it's a fun story! To see all the subjects and areas of discussion visit the Presentation-Performance page.

"A simple story of life, which children and adults the world over will treasure - and the seed will be sown in many a classroom and home." - Christine Carruthers, retired teacher, London UK

One Seed - The Book
The original edition, published in 2002, is of simple design with black and white illustrations and one dramatic colour page, to be easily printed at the local print shop. It includes the music for the song. Printed copies are still available.

The handmade 2010 edition (now Out Of Print) was designed with colour throughout and reduced in size to become a little book, pocket size, for little hands. This edition also included a Kids' Art Gallery, a page for creating artwork, some questions about seeds, seeds as ideas, and the music and read-along, sing-along recordings (now available here as FREE MP3s).

That same year the story was translated into French as "Une Petite Graine" and also into Persian, copies of which are still available in print and as E-Books (see the links below).

THIRD EDITION - 2017: this latest edition includes the story, the music and lyrics of the song, and the Kids' Art Gallery, with the addition of the educational component with questions and illustrations about seeds, growing a garden, and seeds as ideas - like in the One Seed Video which has now been used in schools and homes around the world. This edition is now available as a handmade book (printed at a printer's, but trimmed, folded, collated and stitched by Rosemary - each little book is like a work of art) and as a FREE PDF E-Book.

"This little story, for children and weary activists, is available at the Kamloops Public Library. Written by Rosemary Phillips, the book and accompanying cd gently remind us that the courage of one has deep and far-reaching impact." SoundKamploops.com

FREE PDF Downloads
One Seed has now grown. It has, as retired teacher Christine Carruthers predicted in 2002, reached around the world. Thanks to the video on YouTube it has been used in schools and homes, and in community groups on all five continents. It has also been used in English as a Second Language programs. The Kids Art Gallery shows drawings that have come from many different parts of the world.
To celebrate, One Seed is being made FREE as a PDF, in English, French and Persian. The now newly revised 3rd Edition English version PDF also contains the visuals from the video (that you can see at the top of this page). Please click on the links below to download the PDFs.

One Seed - 3rd Edition
FREE Book Download
Une Petite Graine
FREE Book Download.
One Seed - Persian,
FREE Book Download
One Seed - English-Persian
FREE Book Download.

One Seed - The Song
When rehearsing for a theatrical presentation of the story "One Seed" a song was created. It came together in a matter of about an hour. That very afternoon the children rehearsed it while standing underneath the apricot tree in the garden and performed it that very night. It has now been sung by children around the world. Click on the following links for the sheet music, lyrics and actions.

Link to the "One Seed" song Lyrics,
and Actions
FREE PDF Sheet Music of
the "One Seed" Song.

One Seed Recordings - Read-along and Sing-along
The same children who performed the story and song for a concert in 2002 also participated in the One Seed recording session. The recordings feature vocals, guitar, keyboard and sound effects by Rosemary Phillips, vocals and sound effects by Clare and Darbye Turner, Leah, Monique and Marc Peron, and bass guitar by John Vere. It was recorded and engineered at Cactus Music Studios in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada.
In 2012 the recordings were made into videos, first of the book and song, along with information for children about seeds and ideas (seen at the top of this page), and then a separate video with just the song as seen here. Both have been on YouTube and been viewed in many countries around the world.

One Seed Story - Read-along,
FREE MP3 Download
One Seed Song - Sing-along
FREE MP3 Download.
The One Seed Video,
FREE Read-along, Sing-along and More
The One Seed Song Video
FREE Sing-along Video

One Seed as a Play - with FREE PDF Scripts and Music

"One Seed" can be performed as a play with children taking on the roles of narrator and seeds. (See above for FREE PDF of scripts for the five "Seeds".) Children can also create a "sound-effects department" by using instruments, blocks of sandpaper, xylophone, keyboard sounds for birds and insects and wind, or the children can make the noises themselves such as the whooshing of the wind, or the sound of being weary and tired travelers. The song makes a wonderful ending. Please feel free to present "One Seed" in schools and places of learning, and community with children's classes, groups, clubs and organizations - anywhere in the world.

Schools, kindergarten classes and choirs in Canada, the US, Asia, Middle East, Europe and Australia have sung the "One Seed" song and even presented the story for Earth Days, concerts and assemblies.

OK Falls presents "One Seed" for Earth Day

Click for the "One Seed" FREE PDF
Reading Scripts
FREE PDF "One Seed" Sheet Music

One Seed - Presentation and Performance
One Seed has been presented and performed in many schools and on concert stages. Rosemary has developed a presentation for Grades K-3 that can be seen on the Presentation & Performance page. The basic presentation format is included in the video at the top of the page. For feedback from teachers visit Reviews.

Children join in reading "One Seed"

Children and parents love the book and recordings.
One report from a grandparent was that her granddaughter's family had to put the CD player in her own room because she just kept on playing the CD over and over again. The CD has also been known to calm down irate children while they travel by car. It has also helped a young Kindergarten student who before hearing the CD "One Seed" didn't want to read. Now he reads.

What Children Say (see Reviews for more comments):
"This story makes me feel happy because it teaches people to believe in themselves!" Jessica, age 5.

"This story means a lot to me because I learned more about faith and courage. This story teaches me to be a better person." Jaimie, Grade 3.

"This story makes me think about what we need to live. List of things that the Seed would need to survive - soil, water, sun, care, love. List of things that people need to survive - food, air, love, care, a strong house. I think seeds and people both need love and care!" Dryden, Grade 3.

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