Quills Quotes & Notes: One Seed - presentation and performance by Rosemary Phillips

"One Seed" Presentation and Performance by Rosemary Phillips

"It took one seed to make a diff'rence!"

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School Presentations
Presentation Outline
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Pro-D Workshops
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FREE Download of "One Seed" as a PDF E-Book

Follow this link to the Facebook Video of children in Shimoneseki, Yamaguchi, Japan, at the New Beginning International School, performing the One Seed story and song as a play for their graduation ceremony on March 21, 2016.

Concert Halls, Fairs and Schools
Rosemary has given “One Seed” presentations and performances with the story, book and song in British Columbia and in Ontario, Canada, for schools, literacy fairs, children’s concerts, family concerts, community events and for teachers in specially designed workshops titled "Bringing Literacy to Life" for ProD Days.
Schools across North America have dramatized "One Seed" for assemblies and class projects for Earth Day and for Courage Days and even had their presentations aired on local television.
Because of the YouTube video, shown above, "One Seed" has now been presented around the world. Known schools using "One Seed" for classroom study and assemblies include Spain, Australia, Canada and the US. If your school is interested, or has made a presentation please contact Rosemary and let her know. She would love to hear from you! And if the children have art, it can be posted on the "One Seed" Kid's Art Gallery.

Performance on stage for the Boundary Peace Initiative's "Community Peace Concert", January 18, 2003. Here Rosemary performs with the original Seeds from the recording.

“My grade four class acted out the book to our school today for our monthly Character assembly. The focus of the assembly was Courage. The staff and students really enjoyed the presentation. The principal of our school even commented that the story had brought a tear to her eye.” - A teacher, February 2010

Everyone gets involved

Not only do children get involved in the telling of the story, the sound effects, and the song, grown-ups are also welcomed to participate.

Follow this link to the Facebook Video of children in Shimoneseki, Yamaguchi, Japan, at the New Beginning International School, performing the One Seed story and song as a play for their graduation ceremony on March 21, 2016.

Easy to learn

It doesn’t take long for an audience to grasp the chorus of the song: “It took one seed to make a diff’rence...” and the actions. During a Doukhobor Youth Concert, when a young person yelled out from the audience for the “One Seed” song, the adults found themselves singing along, doing the actions and having a great time - totally impromptu!

FREE MP3 Download of the "One Seed Song"
FREE MP3 Download of the "One Seed Read-Along Story"

School Presentations

Imagination and creativity

The presentation encourages imagination and creativity using the arts in a very simple way to bring to life any given subject in school curriculum. The educational benefits are many because of the diversity of the subject matter.

Read the lyrics for the "One Seed" song, and the actions to go with the lyrics.

From art to science

“One Seed” provides a unique process for students and staff to use in various applications from writing to sciences and social subjects, in fact any subject, such as environment, biology, aviation, being different… and of course… seeds.

Reviews by teachers

Response from teachers and students has been tremendously favourable. (See Reviews)

Watch this FREE Download of the "One Seed Educational Video"

Watch this FREE Download of the "One Seed Song Video"

Presentation Outline
Format: Interactive, participatory reading and performance.
Length: 45-60 minutes.
Grades: K to 2/3 although lately older grades have also participated.
Location: preferably library or classroom with carpet for sitting on. A school gym is OK if a sound system is provided.
Capacity: from one class to 80 children; presentations have been made to whole schools.

Reading the story as just a story.

Click for the "One Seed" FREE PDF
Reading Scripts
FREE PDF Pictures for the "One Seed" Song

Bringing the story to life with participation, children as readers, children as the sound effects department (like the wind, birds, insects, bubbling water) and the five seed characters.

Singing the “One Seed” song – with pictures then with actions.

Link to the "One Seed" FREE PDF Sheet Music Link to Lyrics and Actions for the One Seed Song

See One Seed Lyrics page for lyrics and actions Other songs include: "The Garden Song", "There is Hope" and other fun songs - if time allows.

Areas of discussion and follow-up (limited only by imagination):
Writing a story, illustrating it, creating a book, a song and a recording.
Science - what we need to help a garden grow.
Science - what comes from a seed. Just about everything has its origin in a seed.
The environment – taking care of Earth (excellent for Earth Day presentations).
Social studies - patience, perseverance, being different, courage, friends, acceptance, peace and harmony, following dreams, sowing seeds...
General - ideas, inventors (example: the Wright brothers and flight and Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone).

Each presentation can be adapted to the needs of the school and teachers. Rosemary usually travels the halls of the schools beforehand to look at displays of work to see recent projects. Also to be considered is the school motto which is usually seen at the school entrance.

Discussion with older grades:
Classroom time can also be provided for discussion about being a writer, singer and songwriter, and for answering related questions.

Projects for classes can include:
The creation of a drawing or writing about one thing that comes from a seed.
Writing a story about something the child didn’t think they could do – but did!

Pro-D Workshops for Teachers
Teachers during a "One Seed" workshop in Kamloops, designed as a ProD presentation called "Bringing Literacy to Life", wrote these reviews of the workshop. This document also outlines the presentation.

Teachers creating their own story.

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