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A Short Biography
About the Articles Posted on QQandN
Writing History

A Short Biography
Since my first interview article with a band at a high school dance in 1966, I have written for newspapers, organizations, promoters, presenters, performing artists, television, and national magazines across Canada. In addition, I have written for all my own promotion, for community events and concerts, reports for community projects, newsletters, and stories, some now published as little books. I am now retired from writing promotional articles to focus on my own projects.

About the Articles Posted on QQandN
Here you will find human interest stories, reviews of concerts and CDs, biographies and interviews with world class performers like bassist Gary Karr, tenor and actor Michael Burgess, pianist Ian Parker, diva and opera comedienne Natalie Choquette, violinist Calvin Dyck, tenor Ken Lavigne, and brilliant young artists like Tina Guo and guitarist Daniel Bolshoy. These stories are like meeting the human behind the artist and performer. Many of these articles have appeared in magazines and newspapers as promotion for musicians, concerts and orchestras, particularly the Vancouver Island Symphony. In fact, I owe my gratitude to Margot Holmes and the Vancouver Island Symphony for the opportunity to interview such incredible artists and write about them.

These interview articles are inspiring stories of success, passion, discipline, humour, love, and hope. You can also read stories about new ideas, old ideas, and questions about life and life after life, like Ray Staples' near death experience (NDE)

In 2002, when the first interview articles with performing artists were posted on this site, they were a rarity and writers actually approached me for information on technique. Since then, fifteen years later, the web has expanded in use and there are many such feature articles and reviews about those artists featured here on Quills Quotes and Notes. What has been my pleasure is knowing these articles have been of benefit to the artists, and in some cases, have provided their concert producers with added information for promotion. While now these items are more historical, I am keeping them posted because of their content, interest, and glimpse at the human behind the performer-artist.

Articles like “The Cost of Cheating Death” raise questions about our health care, our approach to death and dying, our fear of death. This article is now rewritten and re-published and given it's own page where you can read the whole story or download a PDF. There is also the beginning of a new series called Higher Common Sense; the first article It's Not Alzheimer's - Memory Loss and New Technology, is a look at how electromagnetic frequencies can be interrupting our thoughts and little gray cell funtions. See the Index of Articles for the full listing.

Writing History

Published Books

"One Seed", "Une Petite Graine", "یک دانه" Persian. A children's story. 2002 and 2010 - QQandN.
"Alphabet Action Songs" - Stories for each letter of the alphabet to accompany songs created by Denise Gagne. 2004 - Themes and Variations.
"Sliced Bread". 1999 - Loonbook.
"Colour You Healthy". 2010 - QQandN
"The Whales' Secret". 2011 - QQandN
"The Happy Feet Foot Massage". 2013 - QQandN
"A Song to Remember - 45th Anniversary Memoirs" of the British Columbia Boys Choir, 2014 - Reikos International Publishing

Awaiting Publication:

"The Day the Wind Changed"
"Stories from Stumpville"

Publicist-Writer, Recent
(Sometimes Photographer):

Vancouver Island Symphony, 1999-Present
Nanaimo Chamber Orchestra, 2008-2010
Sinfonia Orchestra of the North Shore, 2002-2008
Ken Lavigne, tenor, 2008
Songs Strings & Steps and Calvin Dyck, violinist, 2005-Present

Reviews include:

Vancouver Island Symphony, Winnipeg Ballet, Valdy, Michael Kaeshammer, Erica Raum, Eugene Fodor, Pacific Baroque Orchestra, The Golden Violin and Calvin Dyck, David Jalbert CD Review, Jasper Wood CD Review etc...


BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, 1982 - 1990. Included the writing of "A History of Sport in BC, 1930-1989" which was used as the story line for the design and display of history in the new Museum in BC Place Stadium.

Editing & Writing Assistance:

For Ptarmigan Press, Campbell River, B.C.
"Rolling with The Times," by Wallace Baikie
"From Gypo to B.T.O" by Wallace Baikie
"A History of Strathcona Park” by Wallace Baikie
"Kara" by Sylvia Browning
Also involved in the typesetting, paste-up and design of the above, and in the illustrating and graphic design for "Touchpoint Reflexology - The First Steps" by Yvette Eastman.

Feature Writer:

Canadian Interiors Magazine
Grand Forks Gazette
More Living Magazine
Canada Home Decor
Moving House & Home


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