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March 7, 2016

Rosemary with guitar at the piano 2016
Rosemary at the piano 2016
"One Seed" and "The Whales' Secret" now FREE to the world! - Great news! The time has come! Finally, after many nudges over the past few years, "One Seed" is now being made available for children and families and teachers around the world as a FREE PDF E-Book, in English, French, Persian, and English-Persian. I have also released the read-along story and sing-along song as FREE MP3s for downloading, and FREE downloads of the Educational presentation video, and the sing-along song video.

"One Seed" - This comes after thousands of people have watched the video, and teachers have used it in classrooms around the world for biology, about courage, about ideas - and from the hundreds of incredible drawings that have been sent for the One Seed Kids Art Gallery. Visit the One Seed pages on this site for more information and download links.

"The Whales' Secret" - The time has also come for this wonderful story, along with illustrations by Julie Draper, to be more easily available. It is now a FREE PDF E-Book. For more information about the story, drawings and book, and the FREE download visit The Whales' Secret pages, and also the Children's Art Gallery.

Retired from Publicity Writing - I should also mention that I am now retired from publicity and writing articles for arts organizations as I focus my time on creating the stories, little books and songs that have been waiting to come into reality. I've now become a young-senior, something I never thought of, never saw coming. Like the song "Still Dreaming" that I wrote a couple of years ago, and which has yet to be recorded - 'inside I'm still 21... and I'm still dreamin'.' There are many changes ahead... including for this web site... but first it's income tax time.

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