A Children's Story by Rosemary Phillips

Little Icky Inchworm

"Sliced Bread" a book by Rosemary Phillips
The original story was written for
the book "Alphabet Action"
Published by Themes & Variations
(I've edited it a bit - for fun)

Little Icky Inchworm was born in a tree,
       underneath a branch where no one could see.
His mother had left him over winter to cling
       to the bark of the tree to wait until spring.
Then he hatched from his egg and knew he had to grow,
       "But what do I do?" he said. "I just donít know."

"If you eat the leaves," said his family.
       "You can grow as big, as big as can be."
So Little Icky Inchworm ate and ate and ate.
       Sometimes he felt so full he had to stop and wait.

When a bird came near him he made a silken thread,
       then hung in the air pretending he was dead.
When the bird had gone he began to climb,
       back to his branch, which took a long time.

Days went by and Icky Inchworm got full-grown.
       He lay beside a ruler, he was only one inch long.
He pulled up his tail until his back legs met his front,
       and his tummy curved up, then he pushed forward with a grunt.
Inch by inch he moved along,
    nibbling here and nibbling there, singing a song.

"Wonít you come and join us," said his family at the top.
   "I will if you wait," he said. "But first I must stopÖ and...

Copyright Rosemary Phillips, Quills Quotes & Notes Enterprises, 2013
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